Desert Beauty: Goose Lake Valley

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Nothing beats the sublime beauty of a desert lake, its azure waters shimmering dreamily against the golden hues around it, green grasses waving invitingly in the breeze, beckoning to thirsty animals and weary travelers.

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Insiders View of Devils Lake, ND

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Devils Lake, ND has an old worlds charm of its own. According to old folks who live in and around this popular area, this beautiful wide open lake that stretches for a whole 3,800 square miles, derives its name from a native American named Miniwaukan, which means bad spirit.

This body of water were feared by many who heard of stories about all sorts of lake monster sand drowned warriors. In modern times while it is still winter time and the whole lake is frozen sold, some people were bold enough to venture out on the lake with their pickup trucks only to find themselves taking an involuntary dip.

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Lake Norman, NC

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When the spring breezes start to blow warm and fragrant, it’s time to get out the fishing rods and head to the lake.

Lake Norman, located in Troutman NC, is perfect for anglers wishing to while the day away catching crappies or sun fish from boats or banks. But Lake Norman offers so much more than just great coves and inlets to fish.

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In all honesty, Southern Maryland’s Elm’s Beach Park doesn’t have all that much going for it: large, sturdy picnic pavilions that are available for rent; a large, well-kept playground with colorful slides and other equipment set on cushy rubber mulch; and unobstructed views of the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s the views of Chesapeake Bay that keep me going back to Elm’s Beach.

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Featured Destination: Lake Wappapello, Missouri

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If you live in or near southeast Missouri, you’ll love Lake Wappapello. It’s easy to get to (it’s right off Highway 172 in Lake Wappapello State Park). And it’s also one of the nicest lakes in Missouri for a lake vacation.

Spend a day at Lake Wappapello or spend a week. You won’t run out of things to do. If you like swimming and sunbathing, fritter the day away at Allison Cove. Prefer to spend your time on the water instead of in it? Lake Wappapello has three concrete boat launches, one at Asher Creek Campground, another on Marina Road, and another at Allison Point. It also has a courtesy dock at Old Marina Launch. Bring your own boat or rent a personal watercraft from Breakin’ Waves Rentals.

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