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Insiders View of Devils Lake, ND

Devils Lake, ND has an old worlds charm of its own. According to old folks who live in and around this popular area, this beautiful wide open lake that stretches for a whole 3,800 square miles, derives its name from a native American named Miniwaukan, which means bad spirit.

This body of water were feared by many who heard of stories about all sorts of lake monster sand drowned warriors. In modern times while it is still winter time and the whole lake is frozen sold, some people were bold enough to venture out on the lake with their pickup trucks only to find themselves taking an involuntary dip.

Devils Lake, ND

Interesting Facts About Devils Lake

Rest assured, it is not as bad as it sounds as long as you are wise about what you would allow yourself to do. Devils Lake is known as the largest body of water within North Dakota as it covers an area of just over 100,000 acres of water. One thing is for sure, this is a fisherman's paradise. Reason being, it hosts all kinds of fresh water fish such as White Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye as well as Perch. Thousands of waterfowl come to the area during fall, which provides ample hunting opportunities. Interestingly, Devils Lake literally means "Lake of Spirits".

Would you believe if we tell you that the Lake has quadrupled in size since 1990? It is well worth staying over at one of the resorts nearby and try your hand at kayaking while enjoying the friendly company of others around you.


Top Activities Worth Mentioning

  • Fishing is the top activity during summertime that seasoned fisherman love to engage in. We can guarantee you that your tummy will burst with scrumptious walleyes if nothing else. You can hire a boat from the resort you stay with and make yourself ready for the best catch of the season.
  • Other activities include cross country skiing at Sullys Hill or Grahams Island.
  • Then there is always an opportunity to try your hand at riding the exciting bike trails surrounding Devils Lake.
  • If bird watching is your thing, then you can always go on a bird-watching expedition by visiting Lake Alice wildlife refuge.
  • Getting to know how people did things back in the day is something else you can do by learning about historic events at Fort Totten.
  • Golfing enthusiasts can challenge fellow golfers a the 18 hole golf course that can be found at Devils Lake Town Country Club. Even avid golfers will love the opportunity to tackle this challenging golf course with its wide open spaces that is lined with various sand hazards and water holes.
  • You can even make big money at Spirit Lake Casino where get to try your hand at some 730 slot machines. This is also where you can experience the finest dining, enjoy fantastic views of Devils Lake and revel in some of the best live shows.

There is simply no better way to have a fantastic time out with your family and friends than making Devils Lake your next holiday destination.


  • Debbie
    Debbie Wednesday, 09 July 2014

    The lure of the old days is something that always captivates me. I love learning why an area is named in such a way and why would they name an area as such that people would be scared to go near.
    I think myself that it was as a quite obvious warning or possibly in the case of Devil's lake, maybe to keep others away and protect their stock of fish.

  • Brunzy
    Brunzy Wednesday, 09 July 2014

    I wonder what has made the lake quadruple in size since 1990? Less than 25 years to grow 4 times bigger would be very worrying in my mind.
    This place sounds fascinating and anything to do with history and water has got me hooked straight away!

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