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Lake Norman, NC

When the spring breezes start to blow warm and fragrant, it’s time to get out the fishing rods and head to the lake.

Lake Norman, located in Troutman NC, is perfect for anglers wishing to while the day away catching crappies or sun fish from boats or banks. But Lake Norman offers so much more than just great coves and inlets to fish.

Lake Norman NC


Canoes are available for rent at the Lake Norman state park. Hop in and paddle around the edges of small islands. Check out the quiet hidden places along the shore line. Watch ducks and geese feed on the small fish and insects. Or listen to the sounds of birds as your thoughts become as reflective as the water.

Plan ahead to camp at the Lake Norman campgrounds. At night, the air cools coming off of the water, offering a sweet comfort as you settle in to sleep. The lake doesn’t sleep, though. Frogs can be heard all night, calling to one another. Loons and whippoorwills lend a reverence to the soft night air. Raccoons will come up from the water’s edge, looking for Cheetos and hamburger buns. And, occasionally, a lone boat motor will remind you that fishers never rest.

Grab your morning coffee and hike one of the numerous trails around Lake Norman. There are different levels for all abilities. Paths into quiet woods lead to fallen logs where the water will lap against the sand. Other trails over roots and rocks offer glimpses between the foliage of the sapphire water.

After your walk, grab your towel and some suntan lotion and head off to the beach. Lake Norman has a beautiful cleared area where the beach is roped off for visitors. Cold lake water always beckons on hot summer days. Splash in and relax in the shallows or swim out to the rope where the water is about 6 ft deep. Small fishes may even nip at your toes while you rest on the rope or a float. The beach area usually gets pretty crowded on weekends. Try to plan your visit on weekdays for a little more space to yourself.

When the kids finish splashing and playing who-can-hold-their-breath- the-longest, they will be calling to you for something to eat. Grill up some hamburgers or hot dogs on the charcoal grills or break out the picnic lunch you packed earlier. Nice picnic tables located in shady areas are the perfect place to refuel and relax while watching the jet skis roar by. Take a break from the summer heat as you lay a blanket on the cool knolls and read a book while the kids play volleyball or tag in the grass.

Life is easy on Lake Norman, with just a few things to remember when planning a trip to visit.: Bring a book, good walking shoes, towels and sunscreen, a fishing pole and a smile. Oh- and maybe a camera to capture all the fun of a day or a week at Lake Norman.

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  • Guest
    Annie Marie Peters Wednesday, 23 April 2014

    Lake Normans sounds like a great family vacation spot! There's a little something for everyone. I would love to check out those hiking trails myself.

  • Brunzy
    Brunzy Wednesday, 09 July 2014

    Sounds like you can have totally different experiences every single day at Lake Norman. I definitely want to bring my family out there and grab some of the fun.
    Be nice if there is one day for me to just sit on that beach and read a book!

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