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Preserving Lake Vacation Memories

Easy ways to think outside the scrapbook.

Like me, you probably routinely preserve fond memories of your favorite lake vacations in photos, tucking them away in scrapbooks or digital albums only to look at them when it’s time to add more.

You may also collect souvenirs and postcards on your trips, or keep travel logs, which you then store away in keepsake boxes once you return home.



Scrapbooks, photo albums, keepsake boxes—they’re all good ideas for preserving lake memories and well worth doing. But why limit yourself? Why not think outside the box, the album and the book? Why not put your vacation memories on display for you and everyone else to see?

Here are a few simple, unique ideas for saving the good times—no books, albums or boxes required.

Lake Vacation Jars
Lake vacation jars allow you to display a diverse mix of items that represent your vacation all at once. Everything from souvenirs, postcards and photos to found objects like pinecones, pebbles and sand can be put on display in clear jars, labeled with the date and location, and dedicated to preserving the best things about your lake vacation.

Line them up on the mantle, the bookcase or your desk. Vacation jars are attractive reminders of the fun you had and the fun to come.

Lake Memory Shadowboxes
Shadowboxes are another good way to display vacation memories of the lake. Unlike regular picture frames, shadowboxes are deep, allowing you to display objects as well as pictures under glass.

Photos, postcards, brochures, maps or a collage of all four make excellent backgrounds on which to display items that represent your best-loved lake memories.

Did you catch a record number of fish? The biggest bass ever? An old rubber boot? Preserve the memory by retiring your lure and framing it—labeled, of course. So long as the frame is deep enough, just about anything can be displayed in a shadowbox.

Framed Lake Mementos
Regular frames can also be used to hold trip brochures, photos, postcards, itineraries, travel log excerpts, maps and other trip-related paper.

For instance, you could frame a map of your trip route, highlighting the path you traveled, or even stitching it with red thread. The same can be done for your favorite hiking, biking or horseback riding trails near your favorite lakes.

Lake Map Art
State park maps, road maps, maps of trailheads and local attractions—you probably collect a pile of them every time you travel. If you don’t plan to use them again, repurpose them.

Maps make great frame liners and, with a little mod podge, they can also be used to cover empty cans, creating decorative pencil holders, flowerpots and other containers that will remind you of time spent at the lake every time you use them.

Do you have several lakes you love to visit? Then gather up your old maps and snip out your favorite locales, cutting the mini maps into heart shapes, arranging them inside a matte, labeling them and framing them.

Bits of maps can also be used to line lockets. And crafters can easily turn small pieces of lake maps into magnets, pendants and paperweights with a few simple craft supplies.

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