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Your bag is packed, your plane is booked, and your mail is on hold at the post office for the next couple weeks. You've put work out of your mind for your upcoming and highly anticipated vacation; but have you remembered to check everything off your list? In the hustle and bustle of preparing for travel, we often put our health on the back burner before we travel, throughout the duration of the trip, and once you return home. Here are a couple tips for maintaining great health on your travels.

Tip #1: Stay hydrated. This is a health tip so many people forget as they assume that sitting in a car or on a plane does not require much energy or exertion, thus pushing aside the need for hydration. This couldn't be any further from the truth. Hydration is so important, especially while flying to your definition. The high altitudes dehydrate your body; leaving you with feelings of dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.  Also, usually when we travel or go on vacation we're enjoying caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. This, once again, dehydrates our bodies.  Be sure to stay hydrated regardless of how you travel and once you arrive to your destination (and if out of the country, make sure it's bottled water!

Tip #2: Maintain proper nutrition. It's easy to lose sight of our protein intake and nutrition when we're on vacation or en route to our destination. We're then left feeling weak or lethargic and wondering why we feel so "off" when we're supposed to be on vacation! Take care of your body, even on vacation. It's hard to remember to eat when you are sight seeing and enjoying a busy day but be sure to eat 3 big meals and two smaller meals each day.

Tip #3: Sleep. Who needs sleep when traveling, right? Wrong! That body of yours, believe it or not, endures stress when traveling regardless of how much you love traveling and being adventurous. Make sure you're sleeping on your travels if you can't sleep at night for whatever reason (maybe you're having too much fun!) Give your body a rest during the day with a small 20 minute power nap. Also, if driving to your destination, consider splitting up the travel time so you can have a night in between to rest and recuperate. Lastly, upon returning home, make sure you can take a day or two to rejuvenate before heading back to your normal routine of work and your usual lifestyle.

Your body was designed to carry you across the world, as long as you take care of! Follow these tips for a great trip and enjoyable vacation. Safe travels!

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