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Valentine's Gifts for Lake Lovers

This Valentine’s, celebrate the day with the perfect gift for your lake-loving sweetie.

Flowers and chocolates? They’re okay, but if you’re shopping for lake enthusiasts this Valentine’s Day, why not select presents that are really apropos—you know, gifts that float, glow and/or bounce on water! They could be just what your lake-loving sweethearts want, and add some serious fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration.



Floatable Accessories That Glow
What's a sure way to ruin an otherwise great day at the lake? Drop something you really, really need (like car keys or eyeglasses) into the water.

Luckily, several companies offer a solution: easy-to-see key chains, wallets and other personal essentials that float—the perfect gifts for clumsy Valentines.

Among the least expensive are products by Chums. Chums offers a variety of practical neon floatables, each for less than $10: floating eyeglass retainers, buoyant wallet-key ring combos and floats that attach to cameras. Chums' floating key chains run about $6.

For a little more, around $17, you can get Waterbuoy’s high-tech version, a floating neon keychain that not only self inflates, but also lights up so that it’s super easy to spot, even at night. As if that's not enough, the Waterbuoy floating key ring can keep about 2 lbs. afloat along with it!

Water Toys
If floatable accessories are too prosaic for your true love, think: "Water toys!" They're a fun, inexpensive gift warm-climate Valentines can use right away.

The Waboba water ball is a super cool present for the young and the young at heart. A relatively small ball, about the size of a softball, the Waboba floats and bounces on water. Since the appearance of the original Waboba ball, which was billed as "a ball that bounces on water," many more have been developed: Blast, Catch, Extreme, +H2O, Pro, Surf—even a green and red Christmas Pro Waboba ball.

Some Waboba balls, like Flyer and Street, are for air and hard surfaces. Most, however, skip like stones across any type of the water, from fountains and swimming pools to oceans and (you guessed it!) lakes. They're great for team sports or for just goofing around solo. Except for "Catch," which has a funky shape similar to the head of a golf putter, Waboba water balls cost a little under $10 each.

If Waboba balls sound too strenuous for your true love, consider an inflatable lake lounge chair by Sevylor instead. An over-sized, semi-submersible chair, the lake lounger, costs under $50, keeps legs wet and cool while the upper half of the body stays dry and comfortable. The chair even has a cup holder and two side anchors for stability’s sake. But what’s the fun in that? Especially when, for about $20, you could give your Valentine a good time (and a good dunking) with an inflatable ride-on.

Inflatable ride-ons are not just for kids anymore. Today’s inflatables come in adult sizes, too, and they’re just as unstable as the children’s versions.

As your loved one tries to stay atop a giant inflatable dolphin, shark or swan, you'll both get a good laugh. And if you get a multi-person inflatable, like a banana boat or Itex's giant gator inflatable, you could both enjoy a very wet, laugh-filled day at the lake.

For a less energetic (and drier) Valentine’s Day, inflatable islands for adults come in all sorts of fun shapes, including swans, butterflies, sunflowers and wedges of fruit.

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