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Recent blog posts

19 apps that offer assistance with everything from finding the perfect destination for a lake vacation to making the most out of your time on the water. And the majority of them are free! Thanks to today’s technology, planning and enjoying a lake vacation is almost as easy as turning on your smartphone.

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Kayaking for Two

Posted by on in General

Just like a tandem bicycle, a tandem kayak is made for two. Over Memorial Day weekend, we tried one out as we navigated Macintosh Run into Southern Maryland’s Breton Bay along with other kayakers and canoers who were out enjoying the beautiful weather.

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Insiders View of Devils Lake, ND

Posted by on in Lake Reviews

Devils Lake, ND has an old worlds charm of its own. According to old folks who live in and around this popular area, this beautiful wide open lake that stretches for a whole 3,800 square miles, derives its name from a native American named Miniwaukan, which means bad spirit.

This body of water were feared by many who heard of stories about all sorts of lake monster sand drowned warriors. In modern times while it is still winter time and the whole lake is frozen sold, some people were bold enough to venture out on the lake with their pickup trucks only to find themselves taking an involuntary dip.

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Celebrate wildflowers at Michigan’s Loda Lake during National Wildflower Week, May 5-11.

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How Fish Survived the Winter

Posted by on in Fishing

Ah, yes! Spring─ it’s finally here!

Trees are budding. Birds are chirping. Bulbs are blooming. Everywhere, new life pushes its way through earth and old leaves.

And at the lake, fish swim to the surface once again to kiss the face of the water.

But where were they this winter?

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Hunting Easter Eggs by the Lake

Posted by on in General

Those of us who love lakes often connect them with the best memories of our childhoods.

My best childhood memories are of fishing, picnicking, and hunting Easter eggs by the small, manmade lake on the farm where I grew up.

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Lake Norman, NC

Posted by on in Lake Reviews

When the spring breezes start to blow warm and fragrant, it’s time to get out the fishing rods and head to the lake.

Lake Norman, located in Troutman NC, is perfect for anglers wishing to while the day away catching crappies or sun fish from boats or banks. But Lake Norman offers so much more than just great coves and inlets to fish.

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In all honesty, Southern Maryland’s Elm’s Beach Park doesn’t have all that much going for it: large, sturdy picnic pavilions that are available for rent; a large, well-kept playground with colorful slides and other equipment set on cushy rubber mulch; and unobstructed views of the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s the views of Chesapeake Bay that keep me going back to Elm’s Beach.

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Lake Phobia

Posted by on in General

No, lake phobia isn't a pond in the village square or a secluded fishing hole in the local state park. It's not a new horror flick either, although someday it might be.

Lake phobia is a real psychological disorder known as limnophobia, an irrational and persistent fear of lakes.

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Fall Fishing at Turkey Lake, Florida

Posted by on in Fishing

If you’re vacationing in sunny Florida this fall, don’t forget to take your fishing pole. Florida is an angler’s paradise any time of year, offering some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing in the world. And if you’re in Orlando, one of the nicest fishing holes you can visit is Turkey Lake.

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Campfire Stories

Posted by on in General

What turns an evening by the campfire into an unforgettable experience? For me, it takes a forest lake, a chilly night, a crackling fire, lots of friends and family, plenty of hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting and, of course, campfire stories.

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6 Ways Boaters Can Keep Lakes Clean

Posted by on in General

There’s little appeal in cloudy brown water covered with scum or floating islands of plastic water bottles and aluminum cans. And the smell of gasoline? It’s much less inviting than the scent of fresh water surrounded by clear sky and parkland. Crystal water, blue skies and gentle, steady breezes—those are the attractions that keep most of us returning again and again to freshwater lakes.

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Kid-Friendly Lakes

Posted by on in Travel Tips

Now that school’s back in session, kids need outdoor fun on the weekend more than ever—to get fresh air and exercise, to blow off steam after being cooped in the classroom all week, and to socialize with other children their age.

Kid-friendly lakes can be ideal weekend retreats, offering something for everyone in the family.

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5 Fun Charity Fishing Tournaments for Fall

Posted by on in Fishing

If you're itching to go fishing this fall, why not combine a little angling with giving and participate in a charity fishing tournament? Here are 7 big tournaments slated for September and October. One of them might be near you!

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Planning a Leaves & Lakes Getaway for Fall

Posted by on in Vacation Destinations

Soon, the long days of summer fun will give way to another hectic school year. By October, you’re sure to be in need of another break! So why not start planning your fall getaway now?

Although every year is different depending upon fluctuations in the temperature, the foliage in New England usually begins to turn by the beginning of October. If you time it right, you and your family could enjoy a relaxing lake weekend this fall, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful autumn foliage.

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Escape the City Heat with a Swim Vacation

Posted by on in Vacation Destinations

Feeling the city heat this summer? Why not cool off with a swim in a beautiful lake? Some of the hottest cities in the US are located near some of the nation's best swimming holes.

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Keeping Safe When It’s Hot Outside

Posted by on in Travel Tips

If you’re like I am, you enjoy nothing better in summer than camping or picnicking by the water, taking a lakeside hike, or spending a day on the boat—fishing, cruising, taking an occasional swim in the water.

But when temperatures soar, it’s not always safe to be outside.

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Looking for a cool place to hang out by a lake this summer? These US cities have the lowest normal daily mean temperatures during the months of June, July and August—and plenty of beautiful bodies of water, too.

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Hiking Poles: Are They Worth the Expense?

Posted by on in Travel Tips

During a weekend hiking trip in college, an old man I met on a trail near Carter Caves, Kentucky gave me my first hiking staff, a length of branch he had carved by hand. It is beautiful and currently leans by our fireplace. But I have never used it.

Hiking canes, sticks, poles (whatever you call them) have always seemed awkward and unnecessary to me. Lately, however, after reading about the numerous benefits of hiking poles, I’ve begun to think they’re not such a bad idea after all, especially for people who hike a lot.

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A Lake Called the Fourth of July

Posted by on in Vacation Destinations

Washington State’s Lincoln County is an ideal spot for people who love the great outdoors. It has boating, camping, hiking, geocaching, hunting—and lots of wildlife just for viewing. Lincoln County is also home to a variety of really good fishing lakes.

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1. The ILBBQ Festival, Lake Placid, NY, July 4-6

The I Love Barbecue Festival at Lake Placid, New York, begins on Thursday, the Fourth of July, and runs through Saturday, July 6. Some of the nation’s best teams will be there, competing for the title of Grand Champion and $10,000 in prize money, including Purple Turtle Catering Company, I Smell Smoke, Philly Pigs, Hog Heaven BBQ, Lost Nation Smoke Company and Jack’s Downhome BBQ, headed by Jack McDavid, the former host of the Food Network’s Grillin’ and Chillin’.

In addition to the BBQ competition, the celebration includes live music, a motorcycle parade and, of course, lots and lots of great food, including pulled pork, ribs, brisket and pork butt—all set on Lake Placid in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York. Other nearby lakes include Saranac Lake and Oseetah Lake.

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Preserving Lake Vacation Memories

Posted by on in General

Easy ways to think outside the scrapbook.

Like me, you probably routinely preserve fond memories of your favorite lake vacations in photos, tucking them away in scrapbooks or digital albums only to look at them when it’s time to add more.

You may also collect souvenirs and postcards on your trips, or keep travel logs, which you then store away in keepsake boxes once you return home.

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Low taxes. Good weather. Beautiful beaches. And lots of things to do year round.

Those are just a few of the good reasons so many retirees head to Florida once their 9-5 days are done.

But the Sunshine State isn't just about ocean sand and surf. It’s also the perfect go-to place for lake enthusiasts.

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Valentine's Gifts for Lake Lovers

Posted by on in General

This Valentine’s, celebrate the day with the perfect gift for your lake-loving sweetie.

Flowers and chocolates? They’re okay, but if you’re shopping for lake enthusiasts this Valentine’s Day, why not select presents that are really apropos—you know, gifts that float, glow and/or bounce on water! They could be just what your lake-loving sweethearts want, and add some serious fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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Three Romantic Lake Getaways

Posted by on in Vacation Destinations

Planning a Valentine’s Day trip for two or a romantic vacation, just because? For lake enthusiasts, nothing could be more ideal than a quick getaway to a lake resort. And these three lakes have just what couples want: beautiful settings; amenities with charm; and lots of activities sure to please lake lovers and other outdoorsy folk.

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Travel & Health

Posted by on in Travel Tips

Your bag is packed, your plane is booked, and your mail is on hold at the post office for the next couple weeks. You've put work out of your mind for your upcoming and highly anticipated vacation; but have you remembered to check everything off your list? In the hustle and bustle of preparing for travel, we often put our health on the back burner before we travel, throughout the duration of the trip, and once you return home. Here are a couple tips for maintaining great health on your travels.

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Featured Destination: Lake Wappapello, Missouri

Posted by on in Lake Reviews

If you live in or near southeast Missouri, you’ll love Lake Wappapello. It’s easy to get to (it’s right off Highway 172 in Lake Wappapello State Park). And it’s also one of the nicest lakes in Missouri for a lake vacation.

Spend a day at Lake Wappapello or spend a week. You won’t run out of things to do. If you like swimming and sunbathing, fritter the day away at Allison Cove. Prefer to spend your time on the water instead of in it? Lake Wappapello has three concrete boat launches, one at Asher Creek Campground, another on Marina Road, and another at Allison Point. It also has a courtesy dock at Old Marina Launch. Bring your own boat or rent a personal watercraft from Breakin’ Waves Rentals.

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Eight Day Hiking Essentials

Posted by on in Travel Tips

Don’t Hit the Trail without These Hiking Must-Haves

The hiking trail around St. Mary’s Lake in southern Maryland isn’t an easy one. Substantial portions of the 7.5-mile trail are rutted, steep or overgrown with thick briars.

My friend and I began our hike at about 9 AM, little realizing that the temperature that day would skyrocket into the upper nineties well before noon. Not only was it hot, but it was also extremely humid, and there was no breeze.

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Looking for an outdoor vacation that’s fun for the whole family? Then be sure to check out the U.S. National Park System. National parks throughout the U.S. offer lots of fun activities for children as well as adults, especially during the summer. These three are among the most beautiful.

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Fishing 101: Caring for Your Catch

Posted by on in Fishing

Battered and fried over a campfire, roasted whole on sticks, baked in hobo packets on hot coals—no matter how it’s fixed, freshly caught fish can be the highlight of a meal enjoyed after a day of successful fishing, that is, if the catch is properly cared for before cooking.

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Preparing for a Long Hike: Food & Other Essentials

Posted by on in Travel Tips

Going backpacking? Then be sure to prepare beforehand. Whether you intend to spend one day or several hiking the great outdoors, if you plan ahead, you will have a more enjoyable experience. And you’ll definitely have a safer one.

One of the major ways you can prepare for your hike is by carefully assembling the food and other items that you will need to take with you.

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It’s Spring Flower Festival Time!

Posted by on in General

This spring, stop and smell the flowers—at a spring flower festival.

From daffodil days to azalea fairs, there are lots of celebrations from which to choose, especially in the southern, eastern and midwestern portions of the U.S.A.

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While there are numerous locations throughout the US that offer camping and other outdoor activities, one of the most popular places to spend a week or weekend is at one of the many magnificent lakes throughout the country. If you're looking for breathtaking views Lake Isabella, located in Kern County California, might just fit the bill.

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At just 16 acres, Long Branch Lake, located in Pipestem Resort State Park in Pipestem, WV, may be small in comparison to other area lakes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful or interesting. In fact, if you’re looking for a lake vacation filled with freshwater fishing, hiking, paddleboating, or skimming serene waters in a canoe, you’ll love the Long Branch.

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Once a private home built in 1865, the TC Smith Historic Inn is an exquisite Bed and Breakfast Inn located at picturesque Lake Geneva, WI. Located just to the north of downtown, it gives it's guests the opportunity to experience everything Lake Geneva has to offer without the hassle driving. For over a quarter century this family owned and operated Inn has welcomed guests and offered it's hospitality. The rooms have an authentic 19th century feel with furnishings and a fireplace in each room that date back to the time period giving the TC Smith Historic Inn. Contact them at (262) 248-1097.

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Why Lakes Are the Perfect Getaway

Posted by on in Travel Tips

There's nothing quite like the peace and calm that you experience while sitting on the shore of a lake, staring out into the rippling waters, and thinking about absolutely nothing. With the economic times the way they are, any outing that can bring about this serenity is most welcomed, especially if it's one that costs you next to nothing. Here are a few reasons why lakes are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the perfect getaway.

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J. Strom Thurmond Lake happens to be the largest Corps of Engineers Lake that is east of the Mississippi. Located in a reservoir between the South Carolina and Georgia border, it was created back in 1951 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It also happens to be the second largest artificial lakes located on the east side of the Mississippi River, while being one of southeast’s most popular lakes for public recreation.

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Vacation Beautiful Wisconsin

Posted by on in Vacation Destinations

For outdoor lovers, adventure is just a short drive from Milwaukee and Chicago to southeastern Wisconsin. Home to beautiful Geneva Lake and other renowned bodies of water like Lake Como and Shawano Lake, southeastern Wisconsin affords visitors lots of excitement. On its scenic lake shores, there’s cycling, hiking, golfing—even ziplining. On the water, there’s even more fun available, from fishing and swimming to parasailing and water skiing.

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Good Reasons to Choose California’s Sierra Nevada

Posted by on in Travel Tips

Stretch out beside a picnic lunch and watch a bald eagle slice the air. Hurtle through whitewater down the Merced River, safely tucked into a raft alongside an expert guide. Or circle a cool mountain lake on horseback. These and more outdoor delights await those who choose California’s Sierra Nevada, either for an exciting outdoor vacation or as a permanent residence.

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3 Super Cool Towns

Posted by on in General

Longing for small-town life with an edge? Then you won’t want to miss these unique vacation spots.

What do Lewisburg, West Virginia; Ely, Minnesota; and Cayucos, California, have in common? Each was the number one pick by voters in Budget Travel Magazine’s Coolest Small Town competition. The contest, which allows online visitors to select their favorite small U.S. town, doesn’t reward the quaint or the cute. Although they’re small, these towns are nothing like Mayberry. They’re hip little burgs with personality plus. Although each has a population under 10,000, they’re packed with fun things to do. So if you’re looking for an exciting small-town vacation, check out these cool U.S. towns.

The next time you’re looking for a great vacation spot, think small.

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Apache Lake, Arizona

Posted by on in Lake Reviews

If you love water sports, like to fish and enjoy the great outdoors, make your next vacation a lake vacation, and spend it at Apache Lake. Located in Tonto National Forest, the Apache is 17 miles long. It’s one of four artificial lakes in Arizona that are situated on the Salt River.

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The Loneliest Place on Earth
In Mono Basin National Forest, in a remote area east of the Sierra Nevada sits one of the most unusual lakes in California. In fact, many people call it one of the wonders of the world—Mono Lake. Mark Twain called it "the loneliest place on Earth."

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Tomlinson Run Lake, WV

Posted by on in Lake Reviews

Tomlinson Run Lake, located in WV’s panhandle, sits in the midst of Tomlinson State Park, 1,398 acres of rolling forest that’s home to the lake as well as Tomlinson River, which empties into the Ohio.

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Dewey Lake, Kentucky

Posted by on in Lake Reviews

If you live in or near Prestonsburg, Kentucky, you'll love vacationing at Dewey Lake. It's easy to get to (it's just off Interstate 64E in Jenny Wiley State Park). And it's also one of the nicest lakes in Kentucky for a lake vacation.

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Visit any of these three West Virginia lakes, and you're just a short drive from unique sightseeing opportunities - Cranberry Glades, Cass Scenic Railroad, and Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park.

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Big, Fresh, Beautiful ... Klamath Lake, Oregon

Posted by on in General

At 20 miles long and eight miles wide, the Upper Klamath (also known as Klamath Lake) is Oregon’s largest freshwater lake. It’s also one of the biggest natural bodies of water west of the Rockies. Visitors love Klamath Lake for its gorgeous weather and teeming wildlife. It also offers incredible water sport opportunities and excellent fishing.

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Visit Crater Lake, Oregon

Posted by on in General

If you're a lake enthusiast who loves to hike, camp, fish, take pictures, or just appreciate nature, put Crater Lake at the top of your must-visit list. It's well worth the trip. Crater Lake is one of the nation's most unique bodies of water. Located in Oregon's Crater Lake National Park, it's approximately 60 miles NW of Klamath Falls, the county seat, and 80 miles NE of Medford.

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Golf is a wonderful sport; those who enjoy the game would love to play golf over many other activities. The beauty of golf involves so much more than the game itself; it is often the setting of the golf course that can make a particular game decidedly enjoyable. For example, a lakeside golf course offers many of its own challenges, but also offers the golfers a beautiful, serene view to enjoy.

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Lake Side Honeymoon Destinations

Posted by on in Travel Tips

There is just something about a lakeside area that is beautiful, even idyllic for a honeymoon destination. Resorts and cabins along serene waters are often designed specifically to cater to your romantic getaway, and you can choose to be as secluded as you like for private times, but a bustling city or a quaint little town is usually not too far away.

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Lake Michigan is one of Michigan's Great Lakes, and it borders the entire western edge of the state. With a shoreline of this magnitude, you will find interesting destination points all along the edge of the lake. These destinations are not only in Michigan; Lake Michigan also borders the eastern coast of Wisconsin, as well as touching Indiana and Illinois.

Beaver Island
Beaver Island is a large island set in Lake Michigan off the northwest coast of the state of Michigan. Historically, this island had been an English monarchy; today it is a popular tourist site. The people of the island call it "America's Emerald Isle," and it is a center for tourism. There are several smaller islands that surround it, and this archipelago is known for beautiful trails for hiking, excellent fishing, and an idyllic setting for shopping, sunning, and camping.

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