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Hiking Poles: Are They Worth the Expense?

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During a weekend hiking trip in college, an old man I met on a trail near Carter Caves, Kentucky gave me my first hiking staff, a length of branch he had carved by hand. It is beautiful and currently leans by our fireplace. But I have never used it.

Hiking canes, sticks, poles (whatever you call them) have always seemed awkward and unnecessary to me. Lately, however, after reading about the numerous benefits of hiking poles, I’ve begun to think they’re not such a bad idea after all, especially for people who hike a lot.

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Eight Day Hiking Essentials

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Don’t Hit the Trail without These Hiking Must-Haves

The hiking trail around St. Mary’s Lake in southern Maryland isn’t an easy one. Substantial portions of the 7.5-mile trail are rutted, steep or overgrown with thick briars.

My friend and I began our hike at about 9 AM, little realizing that the temperature that day would skyrocket into the upper nineties well before noon. Not only was it hot, but it was also extremely humid, and there was no breeze.

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Preparing for a Long Hike: Food & Other Essentials

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Going backpacking? Then be sure to prepare beforehand. Whether you intend to spend one day or several hiking the great outdoors, if you plan ahead, you will have a more enjoyable experience. And you’ll definitely have a safer one.

One of the major ways you can prepare for your hike is by carefully assembling the food and other items that you will need to take with you.

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