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Escape the City Heat with a Swim Vacation

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Feeling the city heat this summer? Why not cool off with a swim in a beautiful lake? Some of the hottest cities in the US are located near some of the nation's best swimming holes.

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Preserving Lake Vacation Memories

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Easy ways to think outside the scrapbook.

Like me, you probably routinely preserve fond memories of your favorite lake vacations in photos, tucking them away in scrapbooks or digital albums only to look at them when it’s time to add more.

You may also collect souvenirs and postcards on your trips, or keep travel logs, which you then store away in keepsake boxes once you return home.

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Why Lakes Are the Perfect Getaway

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There's nothing quite like the peace and calm that you experience while sitting on the shore of a lake, staring out into the rippling waters, and thinking about absolutely nothing. With the economic times the way they are, any outing that can bring about this serenity is most welcomed, especially if it's one that costs you next to nothing. Here are a few reasons why lakes are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the perfect getaway.

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Lake Michigan is one of Michigan's Great Lakes, and it borders the entire western edge of the state. With a shoreline of this magnitude, you will find interesting destination points all along the edge of the lake. These destinations are not only in Michigan; Lake Michigan also borders the eastern coast of Wisconsin, as well as touching Indiana and Illinois.

Beaver Island
Beaver Island is a large island set in Lake Michigan off the northwest coast of the state of Michigan. Historically, this island had been an English monarchy; today it is a popular tourist site. The people of the island call it "America's Emerald Isle," and it is a center for tourism. There are several smaller islands that surround it, and this archipelago is known for beautiful trails for hiking, excellent fishing, and an idyllic setting for shopping, sunning, and camping.

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The Finger Lakes are located in the beautiful wine region of central upstate New York. While this area is known for its expansive vineyards and wineries, there are a myriad of activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Educational Outings
Families with young children may want to pepper their vacation with visits to a few places that will offer some educational experience while still being fun and interesting for everyone involved. One such place would be the Corning Museum of Glass. Here, you and your family can learn about the history glass, which spans the last 35 decades, and you can even try glass blowing yourself....

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Easy Tips for a Hassle-Free Family Lake Vacation

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Planning a family lake vacation soon? Apart from wanting to find a lake, you might also want to know about simple but helpful tips that will make that particular outing less stressful. These are simple yet practical pieces of advice that will make things easier not just for the outing planner (which is you) but also for the rest of your party. After all, occasions like these ought to be remembered for the fun times had by everyone and not as a way of recalling mishaps and disasters that could have been avoided.

When you find a lake for your family lake vacation, do check out the surrounding areas and make sure the following are present: garbage cans, park benches and emergency toilets. These are fairly common among many lakeside areas across the nation, but make sure that this is one of the first few things you scope out as soon as you find a lake. This will make bathroom emergencies last shorter and setting up that delicious spread easier, for it will lessen the load you have to carry in the car just so everyone can eat. If you must bring additional surfaces, try to get ones that are foldable for easy storage and set up.

Before you even find a lake for the family lake vacation you have been planning, do make sure that you have an emergency "anything goes" kit containing any or all of the following: band aids, mosquito repellent, allergy medication, an assortment of medicines for any general condition, baby wipes, cotton balls and gauze, cleaning solutions, among others. Any emergencies and mishaps can be easily fixed, and your toddler with the scraped knee can still join in some of the fun after being bandaged up. Antihistamines are also great for those who have food or environment allergies, so stock up on it, too.

There should also be a "family lake vacation fun kit" in your car consisting of lightweight and easy to set up sporting goods equipment (badminton or volleyball, for example), some playing cards, crossword puzzles, a transistor radio, visors, Frisbee and the like. This fun kit will be well-appreciated by both the active and the passive crowd for when excitement is the name of the game or when they simply want to kick back and chill in the lakeside. In terms of clothing, make sure the kids wear comfy and easy clothing that will go easy in the dryer should they be decorated with grass, food and soil stains during the outing.

When you plan something as fun as this, make sure you leave the gadgets at home to encourage friends and family to interact and have fun with one another and not simply roam around on their own. After all, the reason for the vacation is to bond with one another and become a lot closer. A family lake vacation is indeed a lot more fun and hassle-free when you keep these suggestions in mind as you find a lake perfect for such an occasion.

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