Lakes in Oregon

Many routes in Oregon lead to beautiful water. From hiking trails to roadways, Oregon offers scenic views of lakes as well as thundering rivers. Some lie along paths parallel to the sea, making them doubly scenic.

Interested in touring breathtakingly vivid waters? Then take Oregon's "Grand Tour". Off Highway 140, you'll encounter the clear, deep blue water of Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park. Formerly called Blue Lake and Lake Majesty, Crater Lake is a caldera that was formed thousands of years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. Exit the park by the "Route of the Waterfalls" and take Highway 138 to encounter more beautiful water, including Diamond Lake, which has five boat ramps and good fishing, particularly in the spring. As you travel 138, you'll also see an amazing number of waterfalls on the North Umpqua River. Renowned for its premium fly fishing, the river's waters are clear emerald green.

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Featured lakes in Oregon

Blue Lake

Blue Lake is located within the Blue Lake Regional Park in Fairview. Activities at the park include hiking, biking, swimming, boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, volleyball, basketball, archery and softball.

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake is located within the Deschutes National Forest. The area has many trails for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and areas for off-road vehicles. This area also includes some boat ramps and campsites.

Upper Klamath Lake

Upper Klamath, a.k.a. Klamath Lake, is Oregon's largest freshwater lake. It offers excellent water sport opportunities, including fishing for bass, kokanee salmon, and trout. As a stop on the Pacific Flyway, it’s also popular with bird watchers who are attracted by the Sandhill Cranes, pelicans, bald eagles, and grebes that gather there.


Popular Oregon lakes

Alkali Lake
Blue Lake
Boggs Lake
Bumphead Reservoir
Cottonwood Reservoir
Crater Lake
Crescent Lake
Diamond Lake
Drews Reservoir
Gerber Reservoir
Howard Prairie Lake
Hyatt Reservoir
Jewit Lake
John C Boyle Reservoir
Miller Lake
Renner Lake
Spring Lake
Swan Lake
Upper Klamath Lake
Willow Valley Reservoir


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